Inktober Day 2: American Grotesque

America Grotesque. I was very loosely inspired by the prompt for this one. My thought process was a jumble of American Grotesque, to William Mortensen , to the definition of Grotesque, to creature and distorted, and then I though of Goya’s “el sueno de razon produce monstruos”, and here we are an an owl with some heavy Goya inspiration. 


This one was another challenge to my skills. I work with watercolor often, so I wanted to try and use washes of ink, rather than going for markers. It worked out better than I thought, but it was a very different experience than working with watercolors. I also loved using a lighter tone of ink with a dip pen. Since I work with dip pens in calligraphy, that felt very comfortable. I may use my Nikko G to ink over Micros. It’s less portable, but I have more control. I’ve also never drawn an owl before, and don’t have much visual vocabulary for birds so it was fun to try and evoke a sense of fluffiness with the feathers. I hope you enjoy it!

Let me know if you like soft washes of tones to add value, or do you prefer hatching and texture to produce value?



Pigma Micron Ink pens
Black and white ink
Princeton brushes
And a Nikko G dip pen
on 4x5.5" 100 lb paper
Artwork is available for sale