Rebecca Shores

Rebecca Shores is an emerging artist and illustrator who graduated from the University of Oregon attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Art, emphasized on painting and drawing, and receiving magna cum laude for excellence. She works in a variety of media including pastels, graphite, oils, and acrylics, focusing mainly on portraiture. Shores uses realistic features to express raw emotion in her work. Her portraits captivate viewers with something as familiar as a human face and then mesmerize them with a desire to know and understand the subject. Through portraiture, Rebecca evokes an honest emotion from the viewer. Shores also explores color and how colors interact to create dynamic pieces.

She also enjoys illustration because it gives her a chance to bring to life, situations, characters and places that are not her own.

Since she was a young girl, Rebecca has been developing her technique and creating works for shows and commission. She was awarded Comcast First Prize in 2006 at Fast-Forward: The Mayor’s Teen Art show in Eugene, Oregon. In college she sought to refine her artistic skills while also studying Spanish, as linguistics is another avenue of study she is passionate about.  Growing up in Oregon exposed her to the beauty of the Pacific-Northwest where she lived for most of her life.  A vivid color of greens and yellows as well as a dappled light appears often in her works as she pulls inspiration from her surroundings. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband Jeff, and daughter Julia; where she is currently experiencing life as an artist, and beauty influencer. On the weekends, you'll find her exploring the city, the sea, the mountains, the great food, coffee, & farmer's markets of the Pacific Northwest.


You can learn more about Rebecca by following her on her social media or reading one of her blogs.