Inktober Day 1: Chained

#inktober Day One, "chained", Daisy chained that is. I originally had a much cooler concept, but I wasn't sure if I could execute it in ink on a 4 by 5.5 inch card. However, this reminded me why these types of prompts are so good for me as an artist. Since I can always refer back to those early concept sketches later and bring some of my other ideas to life in a medium I'm more comfortable with. I am going to make it a point to revisit my current sketchbook in a few months.


A lot of Inktober prompts also seem to skew towards being creepy or haunted, probably since it’s during October. While my art tends to be more whimsical and lighthearted, so I am also challenging myself to think outside of the box to stay true to my art style and subject matter while still using either the #Drawnktober prompt list or the Official #inktober one.


Also realized I should have got some colored inks, any recommendations? Would you want to see colors incorporated?