Inktober Day 3: Rotting

#inktober Day Three, "rotting". Some fungi in a rotting log. I love mushrooms, they are so cute, quite yummy, and help out of the forests life cycle. Mushroom pizza is my favorite pizza, what's yours? 


Mushrooms were pretty fun to draw, I’ll probably try and incorporate them into more drawings., maybe with a portrait like I do with florals. I also tried to stylize this drawing more than my go to hyper to mostly realistic. I also learned I need to work on adding value more strategically with ink. I should have gone darker sooner and rendered the log out more.

I hope you’re still enjoying Inktober!



Pigma Micron Ink pens
Black and white ink
Princeton brushes
And a Nikko G dip pen
on 4x5.5" 100 lb paper
Artwork is available for sale